Oncology Repurposing Engine

Our proprietary data analytics tool, ORE™, synthesizes the plethora of scientific and real-world data on non-cancer generic drugs, and rapidly identifies the most promising therapies to be repurposed for cancer

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Developing cancer treatments based on generics reduces time to market and creates affordable treatment options



Cures Within Reach for Cancer has launched collaborations with Innoplexus, IBM Research’s Science for Social Good Initiative, and Byron Wallace’s group at Northeastern University to build our Oncology Repurposing Engine™. Learn more here

Laura Kleiman is giving talks at IBM Research on August 12 and the FDA’s Oncology Center of Excellence Drug Repurposing for Oncology Rare Diseases Mini-Symposium on August 20

Learn about Cures Within Reach for Cancer’s Oncology Repurposing Engine at the 8th Annual Drug Repositioning and Repurposing Conference on September 24 in Washington, DC. Register here

Cures Within Reach and repurposing off-patent drugs were discussed in The Economist. Read the article here